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Working Towards a Service Industry that Provides Functional Engineering.

Ever since its foundation in 1948, the Asahi Kohsan Group has sought to meet the diversifying needs of its customers over time by services originating in thermal control equipment, refrigeration control, pipe lining and instrumentation maintenance. In the process, we have developed new technologies and pioneered applications. We are conscious of the great debt we owe to customers who have encouraged us and shared their expertise with us along the way, so that now our business actively covers the very latest technologies from IT through semiconductors, clinical diagnosis, through biotechnology to the environment, etc. In the future, each of our group companies will work closely with the others to explore the possibility of new solutions that lead to higher added value, supporting customers in their technical innovation across a wide spectrum of industrial sectors, and thus contributing to a better future society in which humankind is in harmony with technology and the environment.

Company Name

Asahi Electronics Co.,Ltd.

Head Office

1-1-14 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022, Japan


November 1977

ISO 9001

Based on our quality policy, and our goal of total service solution covering equipment,process and analytical instruments, IT, and instrumentation, we have secured international standard [ISO9001:2000] certification, and built up a complete quality management system.

  • January 1, 2024
  • Asahi Kohsan Group
  • Asahi Kohsan Corporation
  • Asahi Kokusai Techneion Co., Ltd.
  • Asahi Techneion Co., Ltd.
  • Asahi Electronics Co., Ltd.

ISO 14001

We, the Asahi Kohsan Group, recognize that preservation activity for global environment is one of the most important issues for our management. Based on this recognition, we have secured international standard [ISO14001:2004] certification, and are currently engaging in environmental preservation activities.

  • January 1, 2024
  • Asahi Kohsan Group
  • Asahi Kohsan Corporation
  • Asahi Kokusai Techneion Co., Ltd.
  • Asahi Techneion Co., Ltd.
  • Asahi Electronics Co., Ltd.

ISO 27001

Based on our basic policy concerning information security, and Asahi Kohsan Group's goal of business administration, we have successfully secured the international standard [ISO27001:2005] certification, and built up a complete information security management system.

  • January 1, 2024
  • Asahi Kohsan Corporation (head office)
  • Asahi Kokusai Techneion Co., Ltd. (head office)
  • Asahi Techneion Co., Ltd. (head office)
  • Asahi Electronics Co., Ltd. (head office)

ISO9001 Quality Policy

All of us must have a professional sense of an awareness. We will satisfy the requirements of the quality policy to carry out our work with the high level of quality and technology required by our trusting customers, and thereby continuously improve the validity of our quality management system.

ISO14001 Environmental Policy

<Basic Philosophy>
We, the Asahi Kohsan Group, recognize that preservation of our global environment is one of the most important issues for our management to consider, and based on this awareness we will implement environmental preservation activities in every aspect of our business.
<Basic Policy>

  1. To promote preservation activities for the benefit of the global environment, we will arrange an organization with which the Asahi Kohsan Group can take action worldwide.
  2. We will reach an accurate understanding of the effects created by business activities on environment. Each division will independently work to achieve targets and goals related to environmental issues within the technical and economically allowable range. The targets and goals will be reviewed on a periodic basis in order for us to continuously improve the quality of our environmental preservation activities.
  3. Observation of laws, regulations and agreements concerning environmental issues is required, as well as communication with the local community in respect of industry models.
  4. We will engage in activities focused on saving of energy and resources, recycling, and waste reduction in every sphere of our business activities.
  5. We will engage in the technical development aimed at reducing environmental load related to all our products and services.
  6. We will carry out an environmental audit to maintain and improve our environmental management system.
  7. We will implement ecological education and in-house public service campaigns to strengthen the awareness of all our employees of our environmental and preservation policies.
  8. Information about our environmental management system will be made public if necessary.
  9. Environmental Policy is communicated to all persons working for or on behalf of the organization.

ISO27001 Basic Policy for Information Security.

[Business Description] is the main backbone of the Asahi Kohsan Group.
The strict protection of information related to customers who support [Social Importance of Business] and [Business Description] is our responsibility toward our customers and society.
Technical specifications and manuals related to [Business Description] are the core that supports our further growth.
All of the staff of [Asahi Kohsan Group] declare that we will undertake the maintenance and continuous improvement of information security to the very best of our abilities.
The IS committee will be responsible for establishing, introducing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, managing and improving information security.
The committee will also distribute sufficient resources required for the performance of ISMS.
To ensure the effective performance of the basic policy described in this document, the committee will analyze all kinds of latent threats concerning information and take appropriate measures accordingly.
The procedure will be documented and retained in the information security manual.
We promise to secure ISO27001 compliant certification, and keep it.
As a requirement for complying with ISO27001, we promise to do the following:

  1. Protect customers' information, business information and technical information related to [Business Description].
  2. Observe regulatory requirements related to operations in Japan and overseas.
  3. Ensure that the relevant employees are granted appropriate responsibility and have sufficient procedural knowledge concerning information security, and are fully trained.
  4. Introduce a business continuation plan to ensure that we will be able continue our service even in disaster.
  5. Take draconian measures against any offenders of the basic policy based on working regulations.