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About Visualization Business Group
 We are the Japanese leading interactive 3D and Virtual Reality software provider and system integrater.
In 1991 we entered into a business tie-up with several companies in Virtual Reality technology, and we were the first company to bring VR technology to Japan.
 Our mission is to develop innovative 3D/VR tool and visual content management solutions using the rapidly-evolving capabilities of PC, several 3D devicies and 3D graphic technology.
We help business across a variety of market sectors, ranging from aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, retail, defense, education and medical.
About Asahi Electronics
 We believe our mission is to be creative and provide our value added solutions to customers who wish to become more competitive.
We deal with a variety of advanced electro-devices including Intel's semiconductors. And we are confident because of our experience at building many systems from Factory Automation to Web based system since our company started. With such a background, we can provide the evolutionary solution with cutting-edge technology to place our customers ahead of their time.
About Asahi Kohsan Group
 Ever since its founding in 1948, the Asahi Kohsan Group has sought to meet the diversifying needs of its Customers over time by services originating in thermal control equipment, refrigeration control, pipe lining and instrumentation maintenance. In the process, we have developed new technologies and pioneered applications. We are conscious of the great debt we owe to Customers who have encouraged us and shared their expertise with us along the way, so that now our business actively covers the very latest technologies from IT through semiconductors, clinical diagnosis, through biotechnology to environment, etc.
In the future, each of our group companies will work closely with the others to explore the possibility of new solutions that lead to higher added value, supporting Customers in their technical innovation across a wide spectrum of industrial sectors, and thus contributing to a better future society in which humankind is in harmony with technology and environment.